Small HTTP server ver 3.05

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~ Small HTTP server
Small HTTP Server ver. 3.05
by Max Feoktistov
E-mail: max(Shift+2)

This very small utility turns your computer into a full-service server. This program requires a minimal set of system resources, so the server's functioning doesn't influence your computer's performance. This server's able to function under a LAN networking or even under Dial-Up networking. Webmasters can run this utility on his local computer and debug their CGI-scripts without entering any network. Perhaps this is the smallest HTTP server, but you shouldn't underestimate his possibilities.

  • GET,POST,HEAD methods support (HTTP/1.1)
  • Multitasking. -- contemporaneous data transfer and request reception from several remote users with delay depending on the channel's quality.
  • High performance. The server transfers data without any delay.
  • CGI-scripts available:
    • PE *.exe Windows format.
    • MZ *.exe DOS format (only under Win95/98).
    • *.com DOS format (only under Win95/98).
    • perl-scripts (with an external perl-interpreter).
    • phtml-pages (with an external PHP-interpreter).
    • applets of Windows associated filetypes.
  • Server Side Includes (SSI).
  • Internet Server Applications (ISAPI).
  • Dynamical output of information about requests. The 16 Kb cache is provided for the log. After its overflow earlier data are replaced by newer ones. The "save" option writes every 4 Kb of the log on your hard disk.
  • Web Server.
  • Virtual hosts and directories.
  • +HTTP proxy.
  • +DNS server.
  • +DHCP server.
  • +FTP server.
  • +Real SMTP server. (Direct send messages to receptors. Intermediate provider's server isn't nessesary at all.)
  • +POP3 server
  • +Administration and web administration !
  • +Full detail statistics !
  • +SSL/TLS support with an external library.
  • +GZip compression support with an external Zlib library.


Last version 3.05.72
  • For Windows shttp3.exe (124Kb) MD5(shttp3.exe) = 0c79715659e520fb284d097f382b4511
  • For Linux shttplnx.tgz (110Kb) MD5(shttplnx.tgz) = 94df382b3ca0bfdd97e22196eceade4a
  • For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (105Kb) MD5(shttpbsd.tgz) = 70956debb8c5fdef62557131e518c75c
    Preveus version 3.05.71a
  • For Windows shttp3.exe (124Kb) MD5(shttp3.exe) = 1eb15f19afe77f525510b2a3f2f7aba3
  • For Linux shttplnx.tgz (110Kb) MD5(shttplnx.tgz) = c31fa60f1b71d3096c1c87688258d635
  • For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (104Kb) MD5(shttpbsd.tgz) = 3b587b7b3707ca5dd188f5ec6fa1dac2
    Next version 3.05.73test
  • For Windows shttp3.exe
  • For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz
  • For Linux shttplnx.tgz
    Get DLL with TLS/SSL
    Source for TLS/SSL (openssl-0.9.6j need)

    ZLib avilable on these sites: or
    or you may download it from this site:

    Script gives Web intrface for working with mail and load mail from other POP3 servers
    WebMail script (25 Kb)
    Sendmail emulator (11 Kb)
    DNS checker (6 Kb)

    For versions from 3.05.70:
    IP-country base there -- 164Kb.
    This base has been converted from the base from
    You can convert regular updating base from yourself with help "csv2ipb":
    csv2ipb.exe - 17 Kb for Windows
    csv2ipb - 11 Kb for Linux

    Page for registred users (there you can download IP-country database):
    To pass there, enter your registration code:


  • News

    [08.09.07] Version 3.05.72a
    For Windows shttp3.exe (124Kb) MD5(shttp3.exe) = 0c79715659e520fb284d097f382b4511
    Windows . shttp3r.exe (128Kb) MD5(shttp3r.exe) = 1c9054873204191a99e4036e189a93c4
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (110Kb) MD5(shttplnx.tgz) = 94df382b3ca0bfdd97e22196eceade4a
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (105Kb) MD5(shttpbsd.tgz) = 70956debb8c5fdef62557131e518c75c
  • - IPv6 for HTTP corrected
  • + Little changes in SMTP.
  • + Advanced protection for one type of DoS has been added.
    [05.07.07] Version 3.05.71a
    For Windows shttp3.exe (124Kb) MD5(shttp3.exe) = 1eb15f19afe77f525510b2a3f2f7aba3
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (110Kb) MD5(shttplnx.tgz) = c31fa60f1b71d3096c1c87688258d635
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (104Kb) MD5(shttpbsd.tgz) = 3b587b7b3707ca5dd188f5ec6fa1dac2
  • + Updated format for IP-country database.
  • +/- Little changes in Proxy,HTTP,SMTP, Statistics
    [24.05.07] Version 3.05.69
    For Windows shttp3.exe (124Kb) MD5(shttp3.exe) = c236e6f34d5e42a321f84dd222e6ddad
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (110Kb) MD5(shttplnx.tgz) = 57d7d73c599d0c48b1fcd6499eadee6f
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (104Kb) MD5(shttpbsd.tgz) = 46577faffbcfebe4cab6493e4e694cb6
  • + New antispam features has been added to SMTP server. "Graylist" -- it is common or user's personal file like "goodlist" and "badlist", may content, e-mails, IPs adresses, regular expresion paterns etc. If any of condition from common or personal "graylist" will true, server will not receive message immidiatle, for a time or until IP will not checked. This will well work with fake e-mail address. The message will be receive after little time if sender don't try to send something to fake address.
  • + Little changes in ISAPI. Php5isapi.dll must work as PHP interpreter.
  • - FTP and Proxy limits has been corrected.
    [10.05.07] Version 3.05.68
    For Windows shttp3.exe (123Kb) MD5(shttp3.exe) = b4959a2c916a139272be7149644e9f97
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (109Kb) MD5(shttplnx.tgz) = 7296c066543e98e95e951d76d043ffad
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (103Kb) MD5(shttpbsd.tgz) = e9f8fe4050feed15dd861a7411b9b949
  • + Now in options for web root directories you may direct a URL link to another web server. In this case when resource will be required the server will work like proxy.
  • +/- Proxy has been updated
  • + DNS has been updated
    [30.03.07] Version 3.05.67
    For Windows shttp3.exe (123Kb) MD5(shttp3.exe) = 2b7714e2606d31c91eb8a396f6c387fa
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (109Kb) MD5(shttplnx.tgz) = 73b55be71b9c7cf475d7883344aa81ad
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (103Kb) MD5(shttpbsd.tgz) = 30b758fba0fdfabff18840e33b3eff05
  • + For users of virtual directories option "NOHTTP" has been added, to make virtual directory avilable for FTP only.
  • +/- Little but importen canges in FTP,SMTP,DNS,HTTP
    [12.03.07] Version 3.05.66
    For Windows shttp3.exe (122Kb) MD5(shttp3.exe) = da899011dc18b45a2bea3a464d8a830d
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (108Kb) MD5(shttplnx.tgz) = 9eebe2509d82c63119f2be0a9d146ac9
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (102Kb) MD5(shttpbsd.tgz) = 9df2b0e2f516cd4df61fbfeaa3a6078d
  • + FTP has been changed. Huge files support has been added.
  • + Some features has been added to SMTP. Now you may enable to check mailhost of sender before receive mail.
  • * Other little changes.
    [15.02.07] Version 3.05.65b
    For Windows shttp3.exe (121Kb) MD5(shttp3.exe) = 55594c142321dea0a9a0a4a9196f5cb3
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (108Kb) MD5(shttplnx.tgz) = 034d9d14974776e4974163832565e55c
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (102Kb) MD5(shttpbsd.tgz) = 675565a94cb7646b7aa3ab47faa0581b
  • +/- First FTP port for passive data connection may be directed
    [04.02.07] Version 3.05.64
    For Windows shttp3.exe (121Kb) MD5(shttp3.exe) = 91cfc2a4a563afdb62741e7b8cc2ecec
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (108Kb) MD5(shttplnx.tgz) = 8a345bc99e1c33201a6b29ba44bcae62
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (102Kb) MD5(shttpbsd.tgz) = 89391e44f1271513a61c0257ff87b601
  • + Option "Disable multy stream download for one file." has been added for HTTP
  • + Now SMTP can generate delivery report. (optionaly and if required)
  • +/- Changes in SMTP,ISAPI,DNS and other little changes
    [01.12.06] Version 3.05.63
    For Windows shttp3.exe (120Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = e22acefbd91d080949844af3a0966d89
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (102Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = 77376aaea35c691f8662eb49cd4d2522
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (114Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = f7523b61270b72cd78d74d48d965d637
    [29.11.06] Version 3.05.62a
    For Windows shttp3.exe (120Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = cb22bcae0e9d05eb61967474c0704fb7
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (102Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = c9d69b3974b83f95387f51c7336e212e
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (114Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = 35b8135eb2185d509e84e365bd65893f
  • +/- Little but important changes in SMTP,DNS
  • + In Linux/BSD versions little changes in CGI execution.
    [04.11.06] Version 3.05.61
    For Windows shttp3.exe (120Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = 73e8affd0c0fab6c1023c77e7329528d
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (101Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = 9a0ac4c163bfcca57fbe0ca60ff0bcda
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (114Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = e3ded2b3ad8f1b2dfd2af31c74e2e46a
  • + In SMTP server send outside algoritm changed.
  • + Proxy changed. Option for no cashe pages when request content cookes has been added.
  • + Little change in CGI execution
    [07.10.06] Version 3.05.60
    For Windows shttp3.exe (120Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = 354bf3f12244874857e1dbeab239f731
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (102Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = ab843da771707788903481401f91ced0
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (119Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = 14de69c218836fad006deaf25b710ab5
  • + Now the program can show statistic by countries and server may add REMOTE_COUNTRY variably with country name to SSI/CGI enviroment. IP-contry database need for these features. Database is compresed (about 130Kb file and allocate about 300 Kb in memory). Fast search will not delay SSI and CGI execution. The program does not garanted valid country detection for evry time, but in many times it will be. For IP addresses that absent in database the server show "unknown" instead country name. Now the country database does not content some IP of USA and Canada because AIRN doesn't public full IP database. (Or I doesn't found it. If somebody know where is full AIRN database avilable, please let me know)
  • + Another little changes in HTTP,FTP,SMTP,DNS
    [27.08.06] Version 3.05.59
    For Windows shttp3.exe (118Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = f6aefaaa405a1db63d3e7b40dff63e8e
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (99Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = e574d554b22fc1c7c5d39c32c6f1109c
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (117Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = 917427fda802879087e6bc11d0b68a42
  • + Now in DNSBL (external blackhole lists) you may direct more then one servers through space
  • - Some mistake in version 3.05.57 has been fixed.
    [11.08.06] Version 3.05.57
    For Windows shttp3.exe (118Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = 1ddad8df21c92ecdfae4ce8615beb0d3
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (99Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = 3507875e93e61c23ebff7d2f5bf716cf
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (117Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = 6af73e2492d3996d028f65d47b8f01ec
  • - Little changes in SSI
  • + Little changes in DNS
    [03.08.06] Version 3.05.56
    For Windows shttp3.exe (118Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = 71b7802493907321b16fd58199441f22
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (96Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = 13903038b443bd952c509d1df1a219a1
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (117Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = 822c60462d3e5b644b81eb392156762c
    [30.07.06] Version 3.05.55
    For Windows shttp3.exe (118Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = 14d9051833a5965a74341d2afaf3712b
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (99Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = 79fe1d89d41bea3a4ce39cd792de8bbf
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (117Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = 9242bc8c49257915eeb4e64804015cb8
  • + DNSBL (external blackhole lists) support has been added to SMTP server.
  • +/- Other little changes.
    [23.07.06] Version 3.05.54
    For Windows shttp3.exe (118Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = 1aead30695781704d24f28b8a1e9328c
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (99Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = c7756cdfe0babf222732415b3bf8d5b5
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (116Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = 7b2d5efe8536743aa7336134413b723c
  • + DHCP server has been updated. Now client's IP may be changed manualy
    [16.07.06] Version 3.05.53
    For Windows shttp3.exe (118Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = c6290f0af395525f6d39bb06651ae5f5
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (99Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = 36a8212f512f275cfdc21f61e587b793
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (116Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = 8b939e44d4c2630eb7eacee3e2ebf542
    [12.07.06] Version 3.05.52
    For Windows shttp3.exe (118Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = 1220deafcd845c01ef5fe3bc37a1a4ed
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (99Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = d335d339575e57d40741a1cc3174ea74
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (116Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = 50fd8bed38f9452883fc06b018b6a017
  • + Option for just listen another DHCP servers has been added
    [06.07.06] Version 3.05.51
    For Windows shttp3.exe (118Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = cf8ee6b45a5eb66c0fb1ab9be51943aa
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (98Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = f2af0589ed5603ba24d23d312c1dd751
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (116Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = c07261c1f34a5fda54d1f6dd8cc0272c
    [28.06.06] Version 3.05.50
    For Windows shttp3.exe (118Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = efc6e353e3bf29dcf3af1340acd0d8f4
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (98Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = efa50fa37eb8f6b2f8867aff2a8f2935
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (116Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = 58cc3961101ce895604bb32d64a23b53
  • + DHCP server has been added
  • + DNS server can work with DHCP and resolve local names from DHCP users.
  • + Little changes in SMTP
  • + Little changes in FTP
    [12.06.06] Version 3.05.49
    For Windows shttp3.exe (115Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = 2da95195de195b1691c49882bbfa8e0b
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (96Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = 597dae39eb3bd66171fa4da7bc23727b
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (113Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = 1aff0b758dd8259a5c60aec33739e439
  • +/- Little changes in DNS,FTP,SSI
    [28.05.06] Version 3.05.48
    For Windows shttp3.exe (115Kb) MD5 (shttp3.exe) = 93d0a86c06dca23de0d9274ef5138bc8
    For FreeBSD shttpbsd.tgz (96Kb) MD5 (shttpbsd.tgz) = 60366f2e55c9a087df20cda289d859ca
    For Linux shttplnx.tgz (113Kb) MD5 (shttplnx.tgz) = 48b11dea738fee5a556900ddbf9964c7
  • +/- Little changes in SMTP
    [23.05.06] Version 3.05.47
  • + New super big mode for proxy has been added (experemental)
  • +/- Little changes in SSI.
  • + Changes in proxy
    [19.03.06] Version 3.05.46
  • +/- Little changes in DNS,SMTP,Proxy,CGI execution
    [03.03.06] Version 3.05.45
  • + Now DNS server cashe PTR records and all unknow reply too.
  • - In SMTP some type of logical expresion in lists corected.
    [24.02.06] Version 3.05.44
    [19.02.06] Version 3.05.43
  • + New antispam feature has been added to SMTP server. Now server support common and personal badlist and goodlist files. The names of common lists you may direct in options. Also in options you may enable check personal files named "badlist" and "goodlist" in user's home directories. Files will check before receive message. Each line of these file may be:
        - E-mail address or any part of address.
        - IP address or part of IP address.
        - ? Logical expresion where you may do action with $sender, $hello, $control variables.
  • +/- Another little changes in regular expression, CGI execution, administration...
    [04.02.06] Version 3.05.42

    [28.01.06] Version 3.05.41
  • + Web and local administration has been changed.
  • + Stattistcs for hosts of referer has been added.
  • + IPv6 part has been updated.
    [04.01.06] Version 3.05.40
    [28.12.05] Version 3.05.39
  • + IPv6 support has been added. May be check on optionaly. Now through IPv6 may work HTTP,POP3,SMTP income, Proxy income, DNS request about us domain (SMTP server still send messages outside through IPv4, DNS still send recurcive requests to resolve names through IPv4. If you use buildin DNS for caching/resolving then unrecomendet to enable IPv6 for DNS.)
  • + Now DNS support AAAA record.
  • + Little changes in SMTP.
  • + Little changes in DNS.
  • - An error has been found and fixed in proxy.
    [08.12.05] Version 3.05.38
    [26.11.05] Version 3.05.37a
  • + Now host definetion file for DNS server may be reloaded without restart server.
  • + Administration pages and reconfiguration on fly has been changed
  • - Fake E-mail address work correct.
    [16.11.05] Version 3.05.36
  • + Statistics by hours for HTTP has been added.
  • - Logical expresion has been fixed.
    [12.11.05] Version 3.05.35
  • + Has been added statistics for HTTP time and average speed of exchange.
  • + Limits per IP for proxy and for FTP has been added.
  • + Advansed spam filter and fake E-mail address has been added. If spam filter return true, or when somebody try to send message to fake address, server add IP of remote to spamer's list and will not receive message from this address.
    [17.10.05] Version 3.05.33
  • + Proxy,HTTP,Web Administration has been changed
  • - SndMsg has been updated.
    [10.10.05] Version 3.05.32

  • + Now limit for size of file that will saved in proxy cashe has been added, and other changes in proxy.
  • + Limits for SMTP incomming has been added.
  • + To "current state" administration page has been added advanced info
  • + Summary statistic by file has been added.

    [04.10.05] New site for server open, work under it self!
    [1.10.05] Version 3.05.31
  • +Proxy has been changed. Now server support 'chunked' encoding.
  • +/- Other changes.
    [24.09.05] Version 3.05.30
  • + Now, if you use an external ZLib library, proxy can send requests with ask compressed reply, each when client's browser (such as most popular browser..) unsupporting compression, and in in this case proxy will auto decompress reply from server before put it to client.
  • + HTTP server has been updated. Another algoritm for translate big POST to CGI has been implement.
  • +/- Another little changes
    [12.08.05] Version 3.05.29
  • + HTTP server has been changed. GZip compresion with an external ZLib library has been added. This help you minimize outgoing HTTP trafic. You may download zlib.dll, that nesseser for it, from zlib home page: or
  • + Little changes in FTP.
    [27.06.05] Version 3.05.28

    [19.06.05] Version 3.05.27
  • + DNS server has been full rebuilded.
  • + Little changes in the proxy has been made.
    [19.04.05] Version 3.05.24
  • + Proxy has been changed.
    [14.04.05] Version 3.05.23
  • + Proxy has been changed. FTP autorization request has been added
  • + SMTP has been changed.
  • + Some other changes.
    [12.04.05] Sendmail emulator has been updated
    Some functions for attach file and send through SMTP has been added. Version for Linux included in shttplnx.tgz
    [23.03.05] Version 3.05.21
  • + Proxy has been changed. Powerful downloading files with automatic continues for HTTP and FTP has been added. (Continues after broken connection)
  • + Out advanced info about active connections has been added
  • - Regular extpresion has been fixed.
    [16.03.05] Version 3.05.20
  • + In administration pages current state has ben moved to own page
  • + Proxy has been changed. Continue downloading files that has been partial loading before has been added. (Continues after broken connection)
  • + Super feature in FTP/POP3/SMTP proxy, -- access outside through up level HTTPS proxy has been added.
  • + Now paswords may be removed from the log (optionaly).
  • - HTTP server has been updated.
    [17.02.05] Version 3.05.18
  • + Limitation for speed of outgoing transfer has been changed
  • * Support points in DNS TXT record
  • + Proxy has been changed
    [09.02.05] Version 3.05.16
  • + Limitation for speed of outgoing transfer has been added
  • + To more detailed info about current connections
  • + Now DNS server support TXT record
  • - Proxy server will work with some strange types of FTP servers that has been unavilable before.
  • + Little changes in SMTP server.
    [23.11.04] Version 3.05.15
  • + Variable REMOTE_ADDR avilable from SSI
  • - Proxy correct delete old files in big mode
    [29.10.04] Version 3.05.12
  • + IP restrictions for remote administration, POP3, FTP has been added.
  • + SMTP proxy mode has been added.
  • + Some other.
    [28.09.04] Version 3.05.11
  • + Page of directory files list has been changed.
  • - Mistake in SMTP has been fixed.
  • + Some other.
    [18.07.04] Version 3.05.06
    [15.07.04] Version 3.05.05
  • + Optional support for attributes of files has been added to Windows version. Now hidden files may never sending to HTTP users, and system files may runing from any directory. Also this attributes may be changed by FTP.
  • + DNS server has been changed.
    [27.05.04] Version 3.05.04
    [21.05.04] Version 3.05.03
  • + Logical expression for SSI and mail-scripts has been updated. Now too difficult expression must be working fine.
  • + Large mode for proxy has been added. This mode may be usefull to save a lot of trafic files.
  • + POP3 proxy now support remote login names that include '@'.
  • + Break-filter has been added to SMTP server.
  • +/- Some other...
    [06.04.04] Version 3.05.02
    [28.03.04] Version 3.05.01
  • + Regular expression support in SSI and in SMTP 'forward' file has been added.
  • + Variables in command line for execute external application from forward file now are supported.
  • + SMTP part has been updated.
    [12.02.04] Version 3.04.12
    [08.02.04] Version 3.04.11
  • + Option to disable save uncrypted password in config file has been added.
  • + Proxy has been changed.
    [18.01.04] Version 3.04.10
  • - SMTP server has been updated.
    [30.12.03] Version 3.04.08
  • + Mail forward-file has been updated. Commands '#cp', '#mv','#rv', and other has been added.
  • + Posibility to run antivirus for incomming/outgoing mail has been added.
    [12.12.03] Version 3.04.07
  • + Special FTP proxy (or proxy mode for FTP) has been added.
  • + Little changes in proxy.
    [18.11.03] Version 3.04.05
  • + Opening SMTP access after POP3 authentication has been added.
  • - Little changes in proxy.
    [09.11.03] Version 3.04.03
  • + POP3 proxy has been added.
  • + Option for proxy session timeout has been added.
  • + Optimised and other.
    [28.10.03] Version 3.04.02
    [26.10.03] Version 3.04.01
  • ! This is release of version 3.04. Some mistakes has been fixed,
  • * Proxy server correct work with some types of FTP and can set secure connection through higher level proxy server.
  • * SSI correct return pages with some unclosed #if statments.

    This version of the Server is FREE for non-commercial purposes, but the price for commercial purposes is $35 USD. Registrated users of preveus versions of Small HTTP Server may be use this version free for commercial purposes too.

    [16.10.03] Version 3.04test2
  • + Support secure TLS connection for POP3 has been added
  • + Support secure TLS connection for SMTP has been added
  • * Some other little changes
    [30.09.03] Version 3.04test1
        Version 3.039987

  • * Updates in FTP has been maden.

    [27.09.03] Version 3.04test
    It is test version.
  • This version includes interface for SSL/TLS library. Here is simple DLL library seclib based on OpenSSL 0.9.6j You may use it, or any other DLL with same interface for SSL/TLS.
    [12.09.03] Version 3.039986
  • + SMTP server has been updated. When size of message too long conection will be break, and if remote try resend this message again, the server detect it and close connection imediatly. Also option to disable break connection, has been added.
  • * Small updates in FTP has been maden.
  • + Some other ...
    [31.08.03] Version 3.039985
  • + Now statistics calculating too fast.
    [25.08.03] Version 3.039984
  • + More statistics for FTP has been added.
  • + Modes for virtual directories through FTP has been added.
  • - Mistake in security, that could emerge with some values of settings, has been fixed.
    [15.08.03] Version 3.039983
  • - Mistake in security, that could emerge with some values of settings, has been fixed.
    [31.07.03] Version 3.039981
  • + Deny IPs lists has been added.
    [3.07.03] Version 3.039971
  • + Access to private virtual directories via FTP has been added.
  • - In DNS server SOA record has been corrected.
  • + Support of independent PTR records has been added to DNS server.
  • * Icon and other details has been changed.
    [28.05.03] Version 3.03996
    [16.05.03] Version 3.03995
  • * SSI has been updated. Server corect work with crazy SSI tags.
  • + Little changes in ISAPI. Now php4isapi.dll may be used.
  • * SMTP has been changed
    [29.04.03] Version 3.03993
    [05.03.03] Version 3.03992
  • + Summary statistics (for IP/users/virtual hosts) has been added
  • * Now user's name is case unsensitive
    [21.02.03] Version 3.03991
  • + For up level proxy server authorization has been added.
  • + The possibility to direct upload directory has been added to FTP server . If this directory presents, users with "read only" access can upload files there.
    [31.12.02] Version 3.03981
  • + Support secure conections for proxy.
    [09.12.02] Version 3.03973
  • + HTTP continues corrected
  • + Now ISAPI scripts run from SSI, don't output header's lines.
  • + SMTP was updated, -- now, it receives messages to send from IP adresses that are inside avilable IP range only.
  • + Proxy was updated.
    [02.11.02] Version 3.0397
  • + Now virtual hosts and virtual directoties may be privated for directed users only.
  • + Now you may add advanced lines to HTTP control header.
    [17.10.02] Version 3.03962
  • + SSI was updated, some mistakes was revised.
  • + Statistics for POP3 and HTTP has been appended.
  • + The possibility of using up level proxy server has been added.
  • + Now IP range for which the servers are avilable can be multiple.
    [28.09.02] Web Mail was updated Get 1.12 (25Kb)
    Work with external POP3 servers has been optimised. Keys for administrator to run with shedule auto checking new mail on external POP3 servers by users orders, has been added.
    [27.09.02] Version 3.0395
  • + Statistics for mail has been appended.
  • + Proxy was updated.
  • + Some bugs fixed.
  • + Now server detects the trying to catch the password, and doesn't receive next requests from hacker's hosts.
    [05.09.02] Version 3.0392 betta for Linux
    It's nearly simelar with 3.0392 for Windows, but it has some differents that are specific for UNIX. E.g. CGI ident isn't used, the files that have "executable for other" mode attribute are files to run. If server has a right to change current user, the scripts will be run from user's id of the file. The files that have "readable for other" mode attribute are files to return. FTP support SITE command. Some other changes, see the description for detail
    To install, download file and you may use next script, to unpack program, update administrator's account, enable web administration, and change mode to execute:
    gzip -d shttplnx.tgz;
    tar -xf shttplnx.tar;
    chmod 0500 httpd.exe;
    echo "Enter name for administrator>";
    read N;
    echo "Enter password for administrator>";
    read P;
    sed -e "s/# radmin/radmin/" -e "s/admin;none;/$N;$P;/" httpd.cfg |
    { declare -a A;
      let i=0 j=0;
      while read A[$i]; do let i=i+1; done;
      while [ $j -lt $i ]; do echo ${A[$j]}; let j=j+1; done >httpd.cfg;
    chmod 0600 httpd.cfg;
    Or you may do same manualy.
    This is betta, test version. Please notify about all mistakes that may be you will be found.
    [22.08.02] Version 3.0391
  • + Autorization for proxy
  • + Error file
  • + Interface to NT Service updated.
  • + Optimized
    [14.08.02] Version 3.039
  • + The support of virtual directory (common directory for all hosts) has been added
  • + Now server can run as NT servise.
  • + Changes in HTTP and Proxy, persistent connections.
  • + DNS over TCP, support AXFR requests
  • + Statistics for DNS hosts
    [24.06.02] Version 3.038
  • + DNS server is updated. Reqursion and cache have been added.
  • + Optional conversion names with space in FTP

    [05.05.02] Version 3.0371
  • + Blacklist in SMTP
  • + "forward" file support to redirect or percolate messages
  • + Virtual hosts may be alias domain name in SMTP
  • - Bugs in HTTP and Proxy was fixed
    [11.04.02] Version 3.03672
    [27.03.02] Version 3.0366
  • + Statistics is updated.
  • + Statistics by pages mode. (One table per page)
  • + Proxy is updated.

    [12.03.02] SendMail emulator for Small HTTP server. Get it (4Kb)
    This program must be placed in directory upper then OUTBOX or you must use key "-o" to direct OUTBOX location. (In server's options SMTP must be enabled, and full path for OUTBOX is hard recomended, to send messages immediatle) See description here

    [12.02.02] Version 3.0365
  • + Checking user's disconnect, when CGI is executed.
  • + Variables REMOTE_USER and AUTH_PASS avilable for SSI.
    [19.01.02] Version 3.0364
  • + Proxy can store cache in hard disk.
  • + Interface.
  • + Optimized.

    [17.01.02] External Web mail
    Script gives Web intrface for working with mail. Also this script, could load mail from other POP3 servers and store it into the user's mailbox.

    [20.12.01] Version 3.035
  • + Limitatition of SMTP message size.
  • + Now server creates as much threads as realy nessesary.
  • + SMTP server is updated. Now you can optional enable to send message from any address. Also you can restrict IP range, that enable to send message via your SMTP.
  • + Server correct works with file names that content space.
    [7.11.01] Version 3.032
    [12.10.01] Version 3.031
    [24.09.01] Version 3.03
  • + Now proxy can restrict remote IP, E.g. to enable use proxy only for local network.
  • + ISAPI updated to most compatible with diferent DLLs.
  • - Bug in SMTP fixed.
    [21.08.01] Version 3.022
  • + exceptions from external ISA DLLs are intercepted by server.
  • + when requested file is absent, server adds .asi* suffix to file name and trys to find it. It is cose to make redirect for moved files. E.g. if you move abc.htm to other host server you can just create abc.htm.asi with next contents:
    Status: 301 Moved Permanently
    Content-type: text/html
    <h1>Moved Permanently</h1>
    Client's browser will immediatle go to the directed URL.
  • - Bug: In previous version, path to web root directory couldn't content space. Fixed.

    [03.08.01] Version 3.02
  • + Now template character '*' is supported in default file name. You can direct default file name "index.*" and server may return "index.htm", or run "index.cgi" from cgi-bin, etc..
  • - SMTP server was updated. Now mail routing detects correctly. Just direct DNS server in SMTP options, to use this feature.
  • + DNS server was updated. If you would like to create your own dialup network, you can add last record "your_ip * " to DNS-hosts file, and all request to unknown hosts will be directed to your PC.
  • - When script includes from SSI, QUERY_STRING transfers correctly.
  • + Some other little changes.

    [01.07.01] Version 3.01
  • + Local administration dialog box.
  • + Optimised.
    [12.06.01] Version 3.00 betta (92Kb)
  • + Administration & remote administration !!!
  • + Full detail statistics !!!
  • + FTP server
  • + SMTP server
  • + POP3 server
  • + Proxy also uderstends ftp:// requests
  • + List of files returns, when directory is requested and default file is absent
  • * LAN gate is removed.
  • ? Now configuration doesn't build into .exe file. Now it's taken from http.cfg
  • * Other little changes...
    It's free for registred users.

    [28.04.01] Version 2.04
  • - Now, system predefined names (AUX,LPT1,PRN,etc.) are detected as bad request.
  • + QUERY_STRING variable is visible for SSI.
  • + Keys ssihtm, nossihtm have been added. Before SSI tags had been checked in .sht*,.sml*,.asp* files only. Now optional SSI could be checked in .htm* files too.

    [10.11.00] Version 2.03
  • + User's mime types.
  • + cgi_ident=\cgi-bin\ is a part of URL for identification CGI. By default it is "\cgi-bin\", but now you can define it by your own e.g. "\cgi-", "\local-bin\", "-bin\", ".cgi", etc.
  • + now you can restrict number of simulate request from the same host.
  • - Bug: Before some memory didn't become free when request without file specified name came and default file was absent. -- Fixed.
  • + Protection. Server will work more steady when attacker sends out few "bad" requests.

    [22.04.00] Version 2.00
  • With simple DNS server!
  • With HTTP proxy! Memory cache is up to 16 Mb.
  • With LAN gate: To make Internet access per Nowell Netware Server on any PC into Microsoft Network.

    [29.02.00] Special version 1.216b (demo) betta
    This version support dynamic DNS from
  • + key ddns=user_name;pasword;domain
    -- server will be connect to DNS4EVER evry 5 minut for validate your IP.
  • + key noddns to no use dynamic DNS
    [19.02.00] Version 1.215 (demo)
    [10.02.00]Version 1.215b betta (demo)
    ASIS files support has been added. Those files content HTTP header in the begining. Such files are being used for redirect inbound requist to other site. This file must begins with keyword "Status: " after this returning code and your header is going. After header one line is empty, and data.
    [28.01.00] Version 1.214b betta
  • + key noicon not to add the icon into systrey (server's window always in back)
  • + key noshare not to use share directory;

    [3.01.00] Version 1.212
    [27.12.99] Version 1.210
    In this version advanced setting can also be loaded from text file.
    [22.12.99] Version 1.209.
    [15.12.99] Version 1.208 betta.
  • + Multihosting support has been added. Now you can create some different host names in your PC, link any name with own web root directory.
  • + Now any web directory could have own cgi-bin subdir.
    Free for registered users of previous versions.

    [17.11.99] Version 1.207 is avilable now.
  • + In SSI-tag if "part of ..." logic operation has been added: "str1 ~ str2" -- the result is true, if the string str2 is the part of string str1 E.g.:
    <!--#if expr="$USER_AGENT ~ Win95" --> Text for '95 users only ... <!--#endif -->

    [10.11.99] Version 1.206
    [8.11.99] Version 1.206b beta
  • + Resuming.
  • + Method HEAD.
  • - Now, if the file name in SSI tag <!--#include virtual="name" --> does not begin with a slash (/) then it is taken from directory of the curent document.

    [19.10.99] Version 1.205 is avilable now.
  • + Any CGI file extension can be associated with a specified application or DLL.
  • + Protocol output has been optimized.
  • + Setup prompt.
    At the moment version 1.205 is available but up to November 3rd you can register versions 1.204, 1.203, etc. (price $5 USD) and then get a free registration for version 1.205

    [12.10.99] Version 1.204

  • - A bag with .phtml opening has been fixed. Now PHP works correctly.
  • + Authorization
  • + Internet Server Applications (ISA) support. Free for registered users.

    [10.10.99] Beta version 1.204b1

  • About SendMail emulator

    Author homepage
    New forum
    Old forum (vote)
    Software and hardware developing
    Script to generate easy hosts definetion file for build in DNS server
    Script that call OpenSSL to generate self-signed certificate for TLS/SSL

    CD version of Small HTTP server -- $75 USD for unlimited number of copies. This version runs from CD (give SSI, execute scripts, etc.) without installation
  • Active Perl
  • DJGPP Perl, C/C++, Bash, AWP, etc. for DOS32, Windows 9x compatible
  • PHP
  • OpenSSL project
  • About running webserver from home on DSL or Cable modem

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