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This script call OpennSSL to generate private key and self-signed certificate for TLS/SSL

To create income SSL/TLS conections, private key and certificate required. It may plased in one file and in server options this file must be directed in option "Certificate file". Some organisation have signatures that known by browsers. This organisation provide normal signed certificates. You may generate self-signed for free. Self-signed certificate will not provide the security guarantees. Anyone on intermediate routers may include bidirection proxy into your conection, put his sertificate instead your, and browser can not know that it is not your sertificate.
To generate file with private key and certificate you may take e.g. OpenSSL and run two coomands:
openssl genrsa 1024 > ks.pem
openssl req -x509 -new -key ks.pem >> ks.pem

ks.pem -- is result file that may be used as "Certificate file"
OpenSSL is free software. Usualy it included in most Linux or BSD distribution. For some other operation system you may take e.g. CYGWIN port of this packet.

This script may run OpenSSL on this server, to generate private key and self-signed sertificate. You may use this for testing purposes only, because it conten private key that must be never transfer throught open chanels (like this chanel) and must be generated and saved by yourself on your PC. Nobody must have access to your private key.
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