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Software and hardware development.

  • Any soft, from device driver up to network application.
  • Automation. Automation for your technology. Using different industrial platforms from world manufacturers (Advantech, MOXA, WAGO, many other).
  • Network application, CGI, Web application, etc.
  • Developing for science. It may be not just creating software and hardware, but science adjustment and search in physic area. (X-Ray detectors and spectrum, mass spectrum, secondary ionic mass spectrum, Oje spectrum, raster-type electronic microscope, tunnel microscope, Infra-red Furie spectrum, programming grow of crystal, and another science task) We try to find best solution.

  • Device development or connection your apparatus to PC. IDE/ISA/PCI-card or connection to COM/LPT/USB/Ethernet ports.
  • Micro-controllers. Different variations up to you. Specific devices with micro controllers...

Ordering software or/and hardware development is:
  • high quality
  • cheap
  • all by your request
  • consulting and support
  • waranty, for software life waranty.

We will glad to work anywhere in the world, can arive to any point to help you!
Company site:lsol.ru

Mobile phone in St.Petersburg (Russia) +7-911-2185975

If you need some software or complex developping please, call...