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Do you still remember what is floppy disk looks like ?

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Now I present:
  • Small HTTP server
    Win95/98/NT Shareware, $25. This utility contents Web/Proxy/FTP/DNS/SMTP/POP3-servers. The program itself requires a minimal set of system resources, so the server's functioning doesn't influence your computer's performance. This server can function under a LAN networking or even under a Dial-Up networking. Webmasters can run this utility on their local computers and debug their CGI-scripts without going on-line. Support CGI 1.1, SSI, PHP, etc...
  • 25th Frame
    Win95/98/NT Shareware, $5. This is rather small program which might help you to remember foreign words. Do you know anything about effect of 25th frame ? It seems you cann't see or even notice any information, but in deed you just don't catch to awake the one you have seen or noticed and the information leaves in your memory.
  • Forget-me-not (Reminder)
    Win95/98/NT Freeware, GPL. This program will remind you about something. It can play WAV or execute any program in defined time.
  • Boot manager BTX
    Native. Setup from Dos. Freeware. It is not nessesary to setup it on HDD, it could be seted up to a floppy disk, and boot from floppy will not influent on its speed, in the caurse of from floppy only one sektor will be read. This program makes "BACK_HDD.COM" file for restore our hard disk to old state.
  • Make Win32 PE executable with GNU C/C++ compiller.
    DOS+CWSDPMI. Freeware, GPL. This package contents files and utilites to create Windows executable with DJGPP GNU C++ compiller. Utilites in this package allow you to use all Windows API functions. Nay DLL2S can make linkable .a library from any .DLL unknown beffor.
  • SB Oscillograph
    Win95/98/NT Shareware, $24. It is real digital oscillograph. 16 bits/2 channels/44100Hz.
  • Utility for recovery partition table of hard disk
    Linux. Freeware, GPL.

Also for all gEDA users: Unofficial gEDA components library (exchange) -- on this page you may find components for gEDA and you may upload your own components.