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Subject: FTP: works with FlashFXP but now with FireFox

22/02/2007 18:52 evil:

I have a small problem, I enabled FTP in SmallSrv, and connected with FlashFXP (worked) and FireFox (didnt worked). Here is log for Firefox:

!->21/02 14:40:05 [>21] (t1 23)
Try to login failed anonymous;mozilla[ dog ]

And for FlashFXP:

!->21/02 14:40:46 [>21] (t1 24)
FTP: login in evil;heikon
22/02/2007 18:55 evil:
Problem solved!

You have to type username/password to URL. SmallSrv wont accept the user/pass entered to this popup box!
You have to use:
user:pass[ dog ]
Dont use: -> enter user/pass

User: Password: New user:   Save password: