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Subject: 404 error page

16/02/2007 01:27 deliberatus:
will the server gfo lo9ok for a 404error page by default, and if so what name should it have? Can I include a line in the config file to define what file to reaqd if a 404 error occurs?

BTW, it is working fine for me as is, but i want to understand it`s possibilities better.
16/02/2007 03:02 Max:
Server have option "Error file. Full path to file or script that will be returned if requested file is not found" Direct your file there.
18/02/2007 02:38 deliberatus:
Very good. Now could we see an example of the proper way to compose that entry in the config file?

17/07/2007 02:35 jeebs98:
Please? Another excellent suggestion!
17/07/2007 04:03 Max:
It very easy:
In config file line like this:

22/01/2008 12:04 Runes:

ErrorDocument 404 /index.php?action=404


ErrorDocument 404 /404.html*

*(path 2 404.html)

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