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Subject: Can't run simple blog in PHP4 under smallsrv

09/09/2015 00:22 Runner1:
I installed PHP4.4.0, and the simple pppblog: ..
Direct link: ..
It runs ok and I can setup the admin username and password and even login, but then none of the menu items work: Add entry, Upload image, etc, all reload the index.php page. No errors show on page, no php.log is created with possible errors, how can I view some error that point me in the right direction where it is failing? Sorry if this is very simple, but I don't see it. Thanks!!
09/09/2015 00:24 Runner1:
Oh and I set the variables in php.ini as suggested:

display_startup_errors = On
arg_separator.input = "&"
variables_order = "GPECS"
register_globals = On
magic_quotes_runtime = On
enable_dl = On
cgi.force_redirect = 0
force_redirect = 0
The line pfpro.defaultport = 443 is comented
09/09/2015 04:18 Runner1:
Nevermind, I don't know if PHP was crashed or what, but it started working on its own :)
09/09/2015 14:01 Max:
You may try to look source of the page that returning by PHP, and source of php file, to find point of error.
Probably a SQL database also required for this blog.

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