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Subject: Max -I've run into a problem regarding purchase of key

25/05/2009 06:37 Tyvd:
I bought a single key for this sometime in 2004-2006 I believe, I kept the key in my gmail but today when I went to find it google doesn't turn it up. I'm certain it didn't get deleted because I had it stared to make sure.

Is there any possible way if I gave you my first name and last name or any other information that I could receive the key again? I'd really like to avoid buying something I've already paid for.

25/05/2009 13:49 Max:
You always may remember your code on the page for registrated users -- to enter dirct your registration name.

If you have problem with this page, please send me e-mail to max[ dog ] with your registration name, i find your code manualy.
25/05/2009 22:44 Tyvd:
Thank you very much max, you're a life saver.
15/06/2009 19:10 migs:

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