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Subject: CNAME error

05/10/2007 01:48 Marton:
Hi Max, thanks for the tip on the PTR record... For me it is not an option asking my ISP to add PTR or NS records for my IP :(
I have a question about the CNAMEs. I checked one of my domains with, and I have a few non-important warnings:
1) The parent servers are not providing Glue for all my nameservers. I tried many things to remove this warning but I couldn`t. Anyway it says it is normal and it is not a problem.
2) The nameservers on separate class C`s could not be tested. This is related to 1) so I believe it is not a problem.
3) This is an error, in RED: "ERROR: [domain] has CNAME entry [IP]; it is not valid to have a CNAME entry and NS entries for [IP]. See RFC1912 2.4 and RFC2181 10.3 for more information."
This is strange because I haven`t any CNAME assignments on my hosts file. Maybe Smallsrv is adding it by itself?
05/10/2007 05:15 Max:
Not. Server don`t add CNAME record. You may use "nslookup" or "dig" AXFR request to look all records for domain. But for CNAME request,
the server return A record, if CNAME record is absent. I think it is correct.
13/11/2007 18:18 WayneC:
Cname Isnt like a A record

Cname is short for Custom Name
ie if you have an a record for than that a record for the ns would be in numbers

now a cname is only used to coverup a arecord so insted of seing a ip number you see insted of ns1
i think i exsplaned the point

14/08/2008 05:30 ketut:

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