Boot maneger BTX

With the help of the program you can setup to one hard drive up to the four operation system, (e.g. Windows 95, Dos 6.22, Windows 98, UNIX, etc..).
It is not nessesary to setup it on HDD, it could be seted up to a floppy disk, and boot from floppy will not influent on its speed, in the caurse of from floppy only one sektor will be read.

This program makes up startup floppy disk, or setup manager boot, to hard disk. After setting up you can start from your selected partition drive.

This program makes "BACK_HDD.COM" file for restore our hard disk to preveus state.

This programm is "AS IS" programming product. No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied. You use at your own risk. I don't take responsibility for any problems that problems that can arise.

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