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06.08.08 04:24 Unknown [balabo_go( one char )] i nd ex 1, 9p oi lo ,c om писал:
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28.12.06 00:44 D.E from Germany "The Scouter" [] писал:
Thanks, Danke sehr, for this very good Software!

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06.04.06 09:18 Nothing [best2332( one char )] c gi ,w 3, or g/ cg i- bi n/ ti dy ?d oc Ad dr =p he nt er mi ne ,b uy -h er e, or g писал:
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07.03.06 21:47 Dave Hunt [dave( one char )] c ar ry br id ge ,d yn dn s, or g писал:
My server was on slackware/apache 1.3, now on nt4/shttps. This weekend will be on slackware/shttps again. Wish me luck! >

23.02.06 02:50 Cap Nelson [cn_rv2( one char )] w ww ,c n, we b4 fr ee ,c o, uk писал:
Very good software!! Thanks!!

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