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Subject: ipv6 feature doesnot work under win2003

03/09/2007 20:37 ipv6win:
can not bind to [::] ,what to do?
04/09/2007 01:12 Max:
First check that IPv6 protocol has been installed in network settings, and if not, then install it.

04/09/2007 08:39 ipv6win:
I`ve make sure it`s properly installed.
Online video over ipv6 works well.
Another ipv6 proxy server flosproxy also works, it binds at [::]:8000, as netstat -a shows
04/09/2007 08:50 ipv6win:
"Also work through IPv6. (Restart need)" option checked. restarted.
ipv4 http server works well. but no ipv6 listening port.
05/09/2007 01:14 Max:
Sorry, I check server's source and found an error in part for IPv6 for Windows only in HTTP.
Please try version 3.05.62: ..

05/09/2007 15:46 ipv6win:
this version is older, it still doesn`t work,there are two 80 port listened by http.exe, yet [::]: 80 not exist
C:\shttps>netstat -ano

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State PID
06/09/2007 04:19 Max:
Oh, sorry again. Of course I mean last test version 3.05.72: ..

08/09/2007 22:17 ipv6win:
thanks for your correction.
there are some progress,that is [::]:80 appear
but unfortunately, it still doesn`t work under ipv6
neither [::1] nor my ipv6 addr
and further more, tls/ssl under ipv6 no 4430
08/09/2007 22:19 ipv6win:
and further more, tls/ssl under ipv6 no tls /ssl port bind

09/09/2007 03:05 Max:
Oh, TLS/SSL corrected in version 3.05.72a: ..

IPv6 work for HTTP (and in version 3.05.72 too), but for test it I have to create special application. The browsers that I have, never connect through IPv6
09/09/2007 13:11 ipv6win:
thanks for your reply, but it really do not work(http/tls).
there is only listening port shows up. port connected, no connection/request appear on http.exe screen log ,compared with ipv4 requests.

There are some free ipv6 tunnel, and maybe these free services will helps you to get a real ipv6 environment.

hope we can get a real working version earlier, bless~

10/09/2007 08:54 Max:
Thank you for your suggestion!

Now I add support of IPv6 URL to the proxy (and proxy can work like tunnel), with this I can test it right, and I sure, now it working.

Try 3.05.73: ..

11/09/2007 08:49 ipv6win:
Great! All works fine. Thanks a lot. for work so late:)
13/11/2007 18:14 WayneC:
for all ipv6 issues Please refure to microsofts ipv6 help site

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