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Subject: SMTP server: Routing outbound mail through my ISP

17/07/2007 03:26 jeebs98:
SMTP mail sent from my system to Hotmail (as an example) gets rejected. I am guessing that this is because I have a dynamic IP address. I have another program that lets me route outbound SMTP mail through my ISP, but it is not the all-in-one product that shttps is. How do I set shttps up to route my outbound SMTP mail to my ISP`s server? My ISP requires authentication. Thanks!
17/07/2007 04:31 Max:
Sorry, server don`t support authentication for higher level SMTP server.
In any case for mail server, static IP address is need. Otherwise you can`t receive income messages from external servers.
17/07/2007 05:20 jeebs98:
Thank you for your speedy reply. I am using NO-IP ( to route my DNS name to my current dynamic IP address, so I am able to receive Inbound mail just fine. Is there any plan to allow your product to send outbound mail via an ISP which requires authentication?
17/07/2007 08:30 Max:
I don`t sure. Probably not. First think, -- send messages through intermediate server it isn`t very well, no reason to developing this direction.
18/07/2007 04:09 jeebs98:
Okay - thanks, anyway.
16/09/2007 19:21 lmartin92:
What can I do if my isp blocks port # 25,2525,587,225 and all know smtp ports.

16/09/2007 19:44 Max:
You can send mail with help an external SMTP of your provider. But no way to receive.

You may try to get IPv6 address, create IPv4-IPv6 tunnel, create DNS AAAA record for your MX host and this IPv6 address, and may be you will be receive some messages, but if remote server doesn`t support IPv6 the messages from that server will be lost.

17/09/2007 03:59 lmartin92:
I was thinking did you know of any free smtp relays out there that
I could use but wouldn`t be blocked as spam.
04/10/2007 16:46 Marton:
I was trying to setup the hosts file to get it to work with Hotmail with no luck... I added a PTR record, and the SPF record as well, but mails still bounce saying my IP is dynamic... I think there is no solution for this so we must stick with the ISP`s SMTP :(
To lmartin92: the solution to ISP blocking standard SMTP ports is - I use it myself and it works like a charm :)
04/10/2007 18:29 Max:
Probably nobody ask PTR record from your server because your DNS server doesn`t directed as NS server for reverse zone
DNS resolving system ask record from root server, if root server haven`t this record, it say down level authoritative NS server for this zone, the system ask them, if it haven`t record it say down level NS server, etc... The resolving system will never ask your DNS server about record, if up level DNS server for zone of this record know nothing about your DNS server.

ISP provider must add PTR or NS record on his DNS
13/11/2007 18:08 WayneC:
Thare Is An Alternative and that Is to Download simpel dns plus

its Free but some feturs will exspier it das pay to register it

With simpel dns pluss you can run your own dns and name servers root servers etc and mx records
14/11/2007 20:41 Max:
DNS server in Small HTTP server is full. It is not required another DNS software.
Internal software can`t help with this problem. The problem on the servers of providers that put you IP address. Main DNS servers know next level DNS for each IP area, that servers must know DNS servers for each sub areas in his area, etc., and at the last on DNS server of your provider must be NS record for your IP or PTR record of your IP. Nobody will not ask your DNS server, until up level DNS don`t say that your server is NS server that may know reply for request.
22/11/2007 00:29 boomer:
07/12/2007 19:41 AnrDaemon:
@ jeebs98: take a look at Office Mail Server - it can do what You want.
Address is

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