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Subject: Personal use license

22/02/2007 11:20 deliberatus:
ok, now I want to use it offline in my laptop to run a wiki- a hypernotebook so to speak. not use it on the web at all, and not for commercial use either. How about a limited license for such use? 3 simultanious connections is fine by me, more than I need for my application. I just want to place a picture of Abraham Lincon in your hand for a license to use it. I want to use it for a WEB server, I will go for a full license. What do you think?

That`s my current project, devlop personal wikinotebook program and fine tune it to really make that notebook ROCK, hypertext style.

22/02/2007 18:34 Max:
I think if using of program doesn`t bring profit (direct and indirect), then it is not commercial usage.
Unregistered version of program doesn`t limited count of simulate connetions. (This limited by big rational number in any case). 3 simulate connection doesn`t enough for HTTP, because much browsers by default open 4, direct 12 or more for this HTTP parameter.

I hope limitation of unregistered version doesn`t critical for non commercial usage. (Only 3 users may be defined, -- it is enough for "administrator", "anonymous", and one personal account for site owner. Blurb link to my site in server`s generated pages is not very irritant and usually visible for administrator only. IP-countries statistic doesn`t need for non commercial usage)
About Abraham Lincoln ($5 USD ?) are this product so bad? :~(
23/02/2007 11:31 deliberatus:
I am devloping a wiki to install into people`s personal laptops. the idea is to make the laptop notebook more useful as a hypernotebook, with information linking to other information. I believe it is more efficent to use a C/C++ baised server program as opposed to a scripted server program, with the extra demands on processor and memory an interpeted language entails. Therefore I am seriously considering reccomending your program for users to use to host the wiki. it is being beta tested now in my own laptop. while the rendering engine is a little buggy, it is working, and everything else IS DONE. Would yhou like a copy to play with? PLease send me an email address that will not be intercepted and blocked by your server.

Mine is `deliberatus[ dog ]`.

23/02/2007 21:05 Max:
Does your mail blocked? I hope, only SPAM blocked... Now I look log for yesterday and today, and not found tries to send message from this address.

23/02/2007 21:12 Max:
Now, I send message to you and it return back. Your host doesn`t have mailhost (MX record in DNS).
12/07/2007 08:11 trot84:
Hello I had to put a new hard drive in and i lost my code to the small server

not sure which e mail I used so here is a few of them

trot84 at

trot84 at

maps at

webmaster at

Can you please send my code..

Thank you John Howard

morriston fl

13/07/2007 01:49 Max:
I hope, now receive code?
Please write to max[ dog ] or support[ dog ]

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