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Subject: Configure it? how?

11/02/2007 23:11 deliberatus:
ok, how about a good well written comprehensive article on how to configure the small server?

12/02/2007 01:17 Max:
Server have local and Web administration.
For local administration press right mouse button on icon, and select "Settings.."
For Web administration, first, enable Web administration in local administration and direct IPs from that Web administration will alowed. Then you may use URL like$_admin_$conf for Web administration.
16/02/2007 01:24 deliberatus:
Yes, I found this. Now a good article discussing the consequences of the different items and their advantages and disadvantages would be VERY handy to have around.

17/07/2007 02:31 jeebs98:
I agree with Deliberatus! There are many options, many of which have vague labels. "Server can support many virtual hosts". But, what exactly *are* Virtual Hosts, and what can I use them for? Also, a step-by-step procedure to obtain certain results would be excellent. For example, "To set up SMTP to relay mail through another ISP, set these options in the SMPT section". I know that SHTTPS can do so much more than what I have it set up to do now. Thanks!
17/07/2007 03:49 Max:
Virtual Host it is advanced name of host that may be correspondent with personal root directory. You may use them for public more then one sites on one server. You may have lot of domain names and lot of sub-domain, link all of them to your IP, and into HTTP server for each name direct own root directory.

For send messages through another ISP you may just direct higher level SMTP server. But if you have direct access to Internet, then the server may delivery your messages directly to the SMTP of receptor without intermediate server of ISP. For this case disable higher level SMTP (check "It is normal SMTP relay") and direct "DNS server to get mail routing info".
13/11/2007 18:21 WayneC:
a nother way is to opt for a roundrobin saluson

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