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Subject: Can't open SCM

05/02/2022 17:05 polleke:
While installing shttps3.exe, I get the error message: Can't open SCM.
When I click OK, the installation succesfully continues.
After executing http.exe, I get the message:
Could not bind socket to
Wait 3 seconds for close old instance of server and try again...
Could not bind socket to
port=80 Number of connections=16

06/02/2022 15:59 Max:
"Can't open SCM" -- probably mean that the user doesn't have the right to install the program as service. If you would like to install the program as service do it as Administrator.

"Could not bind socket to" -- probably mean that another program already using port 80. It is default port for HTTP. In the server's settings you may chose another port for HTTP or close another program that using port 80, and then restart the server.
Other reason of this situation may be firewall settings.

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