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Subject: what script do you use for this. forum.

01/10/2006 04:22 bean:
hey could you tell me what script you are using for this forum
01/10/2006 09:31 Max:
My own script.
15/10/2006 02:36 tom:
is there a way you could send me the script.. so that i could mod it.. id like to make my own flat-file forum but i dont know how
15/10/2006 05:50 Max:
Now it is very uncompleted script orented to my current system. I still change it. In Internet avilable lot of free universal forums script.

15/10/2006 17:50 tom:
Ok, Well thankyou anyways :) and GREAT server software :) *just cant work out how to setup a mail server*
15/10/2006 17:52 tom:
Max, is there a way i can make my computer more secure wehn running your software, because i have to open port 80 in my router to allow it.
17/10/2006 04:51 Max:
Good way -- setup Linux or another *NIX system instead... (joke, but have some that not joke ;) If you use Windows, then use last servispack.

If you open only one port 80 and on this port will be work HTTP server it doesn`t open a hole and not down your sequre. But you must wery careful chouse Web root folder, and folders for virtual host/directories.

Also, if anybody will have access to upload CGI scripts to your server it will be hole. Do not share web folders. (But if you open only one port 80 it isn`t your case)
Just Web server isn`t dangerous, but the scripts may be dangerous.

If you afraid, then diasable the Web administration or restrict the adresses that will have access to it. E.g. direct only.

Good idea restrict count of SYN packet per second on external router if their options take this pasibilite.
17/10/2006 05:19 Max:
About mail server

In SMTP options direct name of your domain, direct IP address of DNS server that will be used to find MX. It may be any worked DNS, e.g. DNS server of your provider. If you don`t know your default DNS use console utility
ipconfig -all
to look it.
Under Win9x use

You MUST restrict the range of IPs that can use SMTP. Otherwise
a spamers will send spam throught your server.

Add users with access to SMTP and to POP3.
Just enable POP3

Server will receive incomming message to defined users of your domain, and this messages
will be avilable by POP3 for receptors

Also server will receive message from alowed IPs address for foregein users@domain and
send it. If you don`t check "Alow any "From" field." then server will receive messages
to send outside only from your_users[ dog ]your.domain

DNS server that support your domain must have MX record and this record must point to your PC. E.g. if your PC have IP and
your domain named `your.domain` then you may add to DNS records like this:
your.domain IN MX mx.your.domain
mx.your.domain IN A

05/11/2006 10:11 obesetech:

27/05/2007 11:11 dan:
I can`t send emails to hotmail it says 550 Your e-mail was rejected for policy reasons on this gateway. Reasons for rejection may be related to content such as obscen
when i try can you help me pls thanks
27/05/2007 15:28 Max:
Good idea -- enable detail log for SMTP and look there what don`t like to hotmail server.

Probably your need send message from mailhost (DNS MX) of your domain, or may be your domain must have DNS TXT record in spf1 format like this: IN TXT v=spf1 ip4: ~all
for enable to receive message from another IP.

In any case domain of your source e-mail address must have DNS MX record.

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