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Subject: A problem with partinal GET method

13/12/2008 14:00 Olorin:
There is a HTTP 1.1 header like "Range: bytes=1-1,2,3-3". It must make the server to return 206 status and the second, third and fourth bytes of requested files. You can try such method with .. and .. Use IE, Mozilla... but nit the Opera, it doesn't support the method.
Look at the results on different server programs - sHTTP and modificated lite httpd. You will see you programm returns ALL CONTENT after the range including the start of range.
14/12/2008 05:20 Max:
IE also doesn't support partial download. Partial download used by special programs for downloading. The server return correct response, with RANGE tag, that begin from required point and end at end of file. This mean that server support partial content for continues, when connection broken, but not preferring this method for multi stream downloading. In server options you may disable multi stream download for one file, and it is good idea, because multi stream downloading will be fastly for user, only when server's network channel is full used, and another users will download slowly. The server must divide the network channel for all users by equal parts. Otherwise, when somebody will download one big file through lot of connections, another users will slowly look the pages.
07/01/2009 00:33 Olorin:
The problem has been solved with 3.05.84.
Great thanks.
07/01/2009 00:35 Olorin:
Also you can try use xmlHTTPRequest which impliments the partial get even in IE because the ecma standartisation.

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