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Subject: ftp server and a readonly file

17/04/2008 13:24 muziling:
My Small Http Server 's version is 3.05.76 (windows), problem description below:
I open ftp server(part of Small Http Server function), ftp server settion is default, I create a user( example testuser/testuser) who have Read FTP and Write FTP rights, example a server file "test.txt", and test.txt is readonly. When i login ftp with testuser/testuser and upload local file name "test.txt" too, the expect result is local file overwrite ftp server file. Server file is readonly, so overwrite fail, but ftp server response operation success to ftp client. The client which i write by java and use apache net components(, .. but the client can receive fail from vsftpd(a linux ftp server) in the same condition.

I am so sorry , my english is poor , hope you will understand what i mean. Thanks and good luck.
28/04/2008 14:01 Max:
Fixed in 3.05.77

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