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Subject: User accounts???

16/10/2006 06:29 grao:
Ok, the royal subjejct is as 2.18 ghz with 512 mbytes of ram and 114gig hard drive running xp home. I amtrying to configure user accounts (I have created them) but my questions are, A)how do you log on to the ftp server and b)how do you remotely upload to the ftp server. Other than that, great program that even a very server-inexpireinced person like me can configure succesfully.

Btw, if I can get this configured succesfully, you have a new coustomer.
17/10/2006 04:05 Max:
You may create user account throguh GUI or Web administration.
In GUI select menu "Settings.." then press "Other\Users" direct user
name, password, home directory (it will be root FTP directory), check type of access "FTP read", "FTP write", may be "Upload CGI" and other
if need. Press "Add" button.

For free access without password use the name "anonymous" and empty password.

With Web administration (if enabled) the same.

In FTP client program direct the name and password -- name and password that you direct in server. If user try to login from
some NAT router or his firewal stript income connection, then
he must select PASIVE mode. The browsers use PASIVE mode by default.

If you use Firewal/brandmausr enable income to users ports >1024

Also you may enable virtual directories for FTP, create private directories in their options direct users that will have access...

24/10/2006 06:06 grao:
Well I did most of that, but none of my ftp clients will connect. Connected to, waiting for welcome message.
disconected from server

????? and also could you help me setup the smtp and pop3 servers? It Uses the same accounts as all your other users right, like the user admin, would be admin[ dog ] (havent got my domain name yet. Btw, awesome product, not to mention cheap. Im tempted to start leasing out remote data storage to people.
24/10/2006 07:59 Max:
Check with concole `ftp` utility or with your default browser. In browser you may use URL like this:
If don`t working check firewall settings. If working, then check settings of your other clients.

About mail server:
Yes for user admin adress will be admin[ dog ]your.domain

In SMTP options direct name of your domain, direct IP address of DNS server that will be used to find MX. It may be any worked DNS, e.g. DNS server of your provider. If you don`t know your default DNS use console utility
ipconfig -all
to look it.
Under Win9x use

You MUST restrict the range of IPs that can use SMTP. Otherwise
a spamers will send spam throught your server.

Add users with access to SMTP and to POP3.
Just enable POP3

Server will receive incomming message to defined users of your domain, and this messages
will be avilable by POP3 for receptors

Also server will receive message from alowed IPs address for foregein users@domain and
send it. If you don`t check "Alow any "From" field." then server will receive messages
to send outside only from your_users[ dog ]your.domain

DNS server that support your domain must have MX record and this record must point to your PC. E.g. if your PC have IP and
your domain named `your.domain` then you may add to DNS records like this:
your.domain IN MX mx.your.domain
mx.your.domain IN A
25/10/2006 09:43 grao:
hmmm, checked the console when I tried to connect with both my client and my browser. No access attempts and no replies. No firewalls inbetween these computers either, So very interesting. Everything else works, havent tried e-mail yet but im going to very soon.

And by the way, thank you very much for your help.
25/10/2006 10:15 grao:
Well, the e-mail still isnt quite working but i think that i can figure it out. I also found out that the web admin isn`t working, could you help me with this?
25/10/2006 10:36 grao:
Ok, more problems, just purchased the program..... THe registration key is apparently bad. I type in (copy/paste) my user name and cd key exactly as it appears in the email, and it then gives me a diolouge box saying "bad code" ????? what the heck???
26/10/2006 02:27 Max:
To enable web administration open local administrtation and check
"Enable web administration."
Direct IP ranges that will have access to web administration.

Also may be your problem in ranges? Each service have the option
alowed and deny IPs. Check ranges for FTP and POP3, IP of your users must in alowed list. Ranges for SMTP mean who is can send outside your domain.

About key code, I try send valid code to you by mail, but now about few hours your curent mail server server decline conection from me. May be do you have some another e-mail? Please send it to me, or you may get your code from page for registrated users.
To pass direct your registration name.
If any problem please ask (by forum or by E-mail) as you prefered...
26/10/2006 02:38 Max:
In any case to detect what problem with FTP, or another service in options check "Create detailed log for POP/SMTP/FTP" and then
try to connect and look log.
If no info about conection there, then it is firewall/brandmaser disabele access, or wrong port, or an another server already used selected port ...
Othervise you may understan the reason by log info. If log is misundersten, please send to me the part with error I will help you.

26/10/2006 07:05 grao:
Ftp, webadmin, and the normal http and stuff are working like adream. There is apparently something that roadrunners dns servers dont like about me having my own server, but its probably internal. And the new key you gave me worked fine. Im still dumbfounded about the mail server though....
26/10/2006 07:15 grao:
Hmm, apparently the smtp server is working fine....but i cant send an e-mail via the pop3server to anyone outside of the people on the server. This narrows it down to something in-between my sever and that of roadrunners servers im going to assume....
26/10/2006 10:02 Max:
POP3 server never send message. POP3 protocol is only to make message avilable for end user.
You send message through SMTP server. For send message outside, SMTP server must get name of remote SMTP (SMTP server of receiver) through any working DNS server, e.g your default DNS server.
You may direct this DNS in options. (It is IP address) If you don`t know your default DNS use console utility
ipconfig -all
to look it.
Under Win9x use
Under Linux and FreeBSD look /etc/resolv.conf
If your default DNS don`t resolving MX (check server`s log to detect it, or you may use system `nslookup` utility to test DNS server) you may direct any other DNS. You may up buildin DNS server for this purposess too. The big example of DNS configuration that present in description include the real root servers, and with this configuration server may resolve and cashe any records of any worlds`s host.

26/10/2006 20:05 grao:
Ok, when you say dns server, are you talking about roadrunners(isp) dns servers or my router? because it shows up as the dns server.
26/10/2006 22:03 Max:
I say about any DNS server that will be reply to request about MX
It may be DNS server of your ISP. If on your router working DNS server you may use it. You may use check on DNS server on your PC option it that it will resolve any names and then use it.

If your PC have direct access to Internet and you use it without proxy then your system use a DNS server(s) (sometime more then one) to get IP address by name. SMTP server may use the same DNS to find
destination SMTP to send message outside. May use another DNS server. But you must direct one DNS server in their options.
If your system used static network settings, then you may look TCP/IP settings, there you can found options for DNS servers and you may get IP from. If your system configured automaticly through DHCP (or in any case) you may look DNS servers that now used withhelp console command:
ipconfig -all
Just open console run this command, copy IP of DNS to SMTP options and it will work.

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