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Subject: New IP-to-Country feature

13/10/2006 06:42 Mi:
Very good idea but not working for me:
I`m registered user.
System win98se.
In http.cfg is:
And nothing happens, there is no evidence in log that data base file is loaded into memory (should be?).
The "HTTP calls by countries." statistic is empty.
There is no REMOTE_COUNTRY variable in CGI envoirment.
I try to detect if "C:\shttps\ob.bin" file is accessed, I`m not sure but my theory is that http.exe (ver 3.05.60) is not interrested in opening this file anyway.
I do more tests in the future.
By the way, explain me in few words why envoirment variables are doubled, f.e. CONTENT_LENGTH and HTTP_CONTENT_LENGTH. I`m very newby and perhaps a lttle lame windoze webmaster, what is difference between CGI variables with HTTP_ prefix or without it?

14/10/2006 06:13 Max:
I check and found an error in database...
Sorry, please download 128Kb database for Windows agein...

About variables -- yes each variable repeat twice (with and without HTTP_ ) for compatible with some old scripts. No difference between it.
Now CGI 1.1 standart (rfc3875) describe all variables without HTTP_ prefix.
31/10/2006 07:23 Mi:
Thanks, now country2IP is working good. I think it`s good idea to use IP2Country database for spam blocking, I really don`t wont to receive mail from corea, mexico or argentina. Sorry, I love argentina and corea people but I have no interest in mailing with this wanderfull, exotic countries. 99,9 % of e-mails going from this countries is a spam, offering dangerous chemical drugs etc. Think about implement country blocking feature in SMPT server.
31/10/2006 16:31 Max:
I afraid the IP-contry links is not so hard. Probably with the time
something may changing and IP range of one contry may be transfer to another.
Second thing, Internet it is global world network, you may not be sure where will be your normal sender.
03/11/2006 01:02 Mi:
Yes, you right.
14/06/2007 18:21 ttt:
i have many unkown countries from: HTTP calls by countries. (the base of IP need):

Is there a way to update the ob.bin ?
15/06/2007 02:17 Max:
I must update this file and public new version.
Now I have a problem with full IP database of USA and Canada from ARIN. Probably this database unavailable or I can`t find it. This is real reason of unknown IP. I still try to find it, when this will be found, I rebuild ob.bin

15/06/2007 06:22 Mi: .. - zipped .csv .. - gzipped .csv

This database is not complete but often updated and FREE (GPL). I dont know if this help.
15/06/2007 07:27 Max:
Thanks. Probably, this database most complete then my.
I will think about utility to convert this for fast search.
18/06/2007 08:40 Max:
Now you can try version 3.05.70 .. .. Linux .. FreeBSD

with database that has been converted from : ..

You can convert regular updating base from yourself with help "csv2ipb": .. - 17 Kb for Windows .. - 11 Kb for Linux

18/06/2007 23:09 matasierra:
I`ve just tested it and it works great. Is there any way to obtain the ISO 3166 2-letter code instead of the country name?
19/06/2007 02:58 Max:
In current versions, only if you change countries names in database.

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